Sean Molenaar

Anything problematic excites me, smooth sailing just sounds boring. This is why I enjoy speeding up processes by finding or creating the right tools for the job.

General Info

Sean Molenaar

What do I excell at

8 /10

PHP Development

Writing APIs and web platforms

7 /10

System Administration

Using SaltStack and other tools to maintain the cattle

9 /10

Continuous integration

Setting up and maintaining CI for everyone


  • 2020-Present


    Project Leadership Commitee

    I have been serving in the Homebrew PLC since 2020, making sure the membership is happy and can do what they want to do.

  • 2018-Present


    News app Maintainer (volunteer)

    The Nextcloud News app is an RSS/Atom feed aggregator for [Nextcloud Hub]( It offers a RESTful API for app developers. The source code is available on [GitHub](

  • 2017-Present


    Maintainer (Volunteer)

    Ever since one of the homebrew-php maintainers didn't work fast enough for my taste I've been helping out with the project. First as homebrew-php maintainer and later as homebrew-core maintainer. Serving on the Project Leadership Comittee since February 2020.

  • 2015-Present


    Backend Engineer

    Backend/DevOps engineer using SaltStack, Jenkins and PHPStorm to help lift Move and the teams I'm part of to the next level.

  • 2012-2014


    Full stack developer

    PHP and jQuery frontend development with Wordpress


  • 2023

    Amazon Certified Practitioner


    I got my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. You can verify it here on Credly: []( "Link to credly")

  • 2018

    Contentful Certification


    Day course to learn everything about contentful

  • 2013-Present

    Software engineering


    Studying for a Bachelors of Science in Software engineering


These are the things I worked on that make me proud. Some of it is personal and some of it is paid, but all of it is exciting.

Homebrew InfluxDB Analytics

Homebrew using Google Analytics always seemed kind of weird to me so in 2022 I rewrote the analytics to use InfluxDB Cloud. This made the analytics easier to query and made a lot of privacy focused users a lot less nervous.

GateGroup / Uqonic chefs

Helped to write a payment app that connected to GateGroups internal systems to place orders in a record time. Despite the app being discontinued I am still incredibly proud of what we achieved as a team. [](

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is one of the top 15 busiest airports in the world, and they are cargo airport number 1. Starting in 2019, the M2mobi team has been working on a complete rework of their mobile application and I've been glad to be part of it. With bi-monthly local meetings that quickly turned into many virtual meetings, we've truly delivered a result that we can be proud of. If you want to interact with some of my work, make sure to check out the announcement, inbox, MyTag and notifications. See more: [](


Since halfway through 2018 I've been a maintainer for the Homebrew package manager for macOS. In this role I've helped ship of thousands of software upgrades for major parts of peoples workflow. In addition to keeping macOS developers' systems up to date I also lead the support forum.

Nextcloud news

Over the past few years I've made numerous contributions to the nextcloud projects RSS reader app. As an avid user I've implemented security fixes and under-the-hood improvements I thought were important for my continued usage. This is in my eyes how open-source should be done, everyone scratching their own itch.

Fosdem App


With Android and iOS Burgernet, 2.4 million people keep their eyes open for missing or suspicious persons. Getting only messages that are relevant for them, after taking over the project from another company M2mobi worked hard to get the app up to modern standards for both code and performance. Unfortunately the Facebook Messenger bot I wrote for them got killed by new rules for bots, but the performance of the app is still going strong. See more: [](


Made an Apiblueprint renderer in PHP based on the drafter tool by apiary. All of the existing tools were missing something so I wrote my own version. This has been used by Move to replace the old docbooks since it's inception with very positive responses from both api consumers and writers.

Personal website

This website is made using the finest SDKs, in particular the contentful SDK. It serves all the data and the localization and this website is just a view using some JS, CSS and PHP.

Charlotte Airport

I worked with the team at Move to set up the CLT website based on our DAP platform. I was personally responsible for bus tracking and mentored a new developer who wrote the parking information API.


I worked on the DFW website and app many times at Move, from the initiall implementation to more recent features like bus tracking and parking information.

Homebrew Services for Linux

Homebrew services have been available for a while on macOS and after the official release of Homebrew on Linux it was only natural that Linux should also be supported. Therefore I extended the system to also support SystemD.

Standardising build setup

To reduce the time needed to debug issues in builds throughout the company we set out to standardise the way builds are done. The backend moved to a unified setup directly and it made syncing features and checks between projects effortless

Upgrades to RHEL 9 based systems

Migration to cloud hosted systems

Since Atlassian self-hosted tools are no longer supported, Move needed to migrate to other systems. We picked Jira Cloud and GitHub as replacements based on knowledge existing within the company. I led the succesful migrations as part of the system administration team. The migrations were low impact for the teams since they were gradual and overall the teams were happy.